Dates I’ll Say Yes To…When I’m Ready To Date

13 Dec

Of all the dates I’ve been on I can’t recall a date that didn’t start at a movie theatre, party, park, or restaurant.  And in the past couple of years I haven’t been dating so I may not be saying much here. But, what I am saying is that while I have dated some cool men I can’t say that I have been THAT impressed with their first date choices considering the traditional dinnerandamovie is so overdone. Wait! Before you call me bougie or high maintenance note that the actual dates were almost always enjoyably filled with great conversation, food, and fun.  I mean, I am pretty easy to please when I am not overanalyzing details or  being wildly ambivalent. All I really require is that the guy chooses the place, is on time, pays for the date, and doesn’t ask me for phone sex or invite his girlfriend (true stories. stay tuned for these posts). At this point in my non-existent dating life I really have no cause for complaints nor requests but, when I am ready to date again I hope to make up for all the time and fun lost by going on some really. amazing. dates. What do I mean by amazing you ask?  Amazing like…..

Going fishing. Ok so I realize that this may be a bit over the top and presumptuous but I have never, ever been fishing and it’s something that I have always, always, wanted to do. Not only will it be fun but full of surprises. I’d get to learn something new and experience something new, with someone new! The way I see it, fishing is a game which involves competition, strategy, ego, planning, and sportsmanship. It would be quite a date to see how all these elements play themselves out with someone you barely know. It would give a nice glimpse into how the man handles challenges, his patience level, manners, problem-solving skills and essentially his character. I would be able to determine if this is someone I am compatible with as so would he. Ya know? Dating smarter….not harder! Besides that fact that it would be adventurous and romantic it would also be a great opportunity to let a man take the lead. Something which I haven’t quite learned how to do but am looking forward to. The guy who takes me on my first fishing trip will forever have a special place in my heart even if he asks me for phone sex after.

Going to an NFL (preferably Cowboys) game. What can I say? I’m a Texas girl who loves football! Was that redundant? Oh well. I just am. Cowboys football is for sure a part of my genetic makeup. Nevermind the fact that I don’t know all the intricacies of the game, the penalty criterion, or all the rules; I LOVE FOOTBALL! I haven’t been to a professional game in several years but I fantasize all the time that one of my next dates will be in a packed football stadium, at the height of football season, sharing overpriced nachos with a handsome man. Nothing would make me more excited! So, the next guy who takes me to a professional football game will get phone sex after.

A Tour of  Brooklyn (informal or formal). No trip to Brooklyn is ever long enough for me. I don’t know what it is about Brooklyn but every time I go there, romance just speaks to me.  It doesn’t make sense to me either but I get it. Something about the energy, the air, the eclecticism, the architecture, the people, the scenery, and the culture just scream “LOVE LIFE”! I love life and believe it’s worth sharing with someone so, why not bud a romance in Brooklyn? I wonder who my tour guide will be…..

A 5K Race. I am a fitness enthusiast and have recently grown to love running. My ideal mate would also have a lifestyle inclusive of fitness and exercise. For me it would be an amazing date because usually races are for a good cause, start at the top of the morning before brunch, and are inherently full of positive energy. I would love to share this experience with a prospective beau. It’s something I am comfortable doing and while it is the least glamorous (besides my refusal to run without earrings) date it could help take some pressure off…for me anyway. Not to mention, however gross, I love to see a man sweat. First to the finish line gets to choose the brunch spot. Ready, set, go!

A Game Night/Get-Together. Now, I know I mentioned being unimpressed with parties earlier in my post but if I were invited to a game night party or get-together, I would be quite interested. I love game nights so much that I have considered hosting them as a business venture. While I am not as competitive as this post is beginning to indicate (who me? really? interesting!?) but I do love a good game of Taboo or Wii Bowling. An intimate and familiar crowd, a cozy space, snacks, alcohol, and games are all I need to let loose and have a good time.  Remember the scene from Love Jones when Darius invites Nina to Savon and Troy’s house for their first date?

So they weren’t playing games but you get the point. It was fun. Nina got to see what his world was like. Darius was able to gain his friends’ approval. Romance bloomed! Game nights are altogether a good time and not to mention cost efficient (I’m just sayin’…an option for the financially challenged but great guys out there)

A Comedy Show. I don’t even need to elaborate much on this one. Any guy who is interested in dating me needs to know that I love to laugh.  I’m easily amused and spend a significant portion of my day chasing laughs.  As long as I’m laughing, I’m having fun. He must not tease me about my laugh though as some have found it amusing. I’ve been dying to see Kevin Hart live and eager to go to a comedy club here in NYC so this is definitely a priority for me. Generally, the men I date are comedy whores themselves so I don’t imagine this will be a stretch once I start dating again.

So yeah, it looks like I better figure out what “being ready to date” means for myself so that I can reap the obvious benefits. Your thoughts? Do you agree these are good date ideas? What are some dates you’ve always wanted to go on? What were some of the best dates you’ve been on? P.S. I’m not competitive; I’m ambitious.


4 Responses to “Dates I’ll Say Yes To…When I’m Ready To Date”

  1. H.Mami December 13, 2010 at 11:21 pm #

    I’m loving these ideas… strategic in figuring out what you wanna know about the guy you’re seeing. But why does he have to pay for all of them?? I’m all for the offer but not all for allowing it to happen that he does pay all the time.

  2. Mrs. L December 15, 2010 at 11:30 am #

    GREAT ideas!!! Guys need to think about these things! Dinner and a movie is so cliche why not do something out of the ordinary and see if you both can hang. Love it!

  3. EmDottie December 21, 2010 at 5:49 pm #

    Going fishing is probably a good third or fourth date. There’s nothing to do but talk and wait for a fish to bite the line. I say third or fourth date because depending on where you’re fishing, you’ll be there for a while lol. Don’t wanna be on an awkward ass first date in the middle of some random lake or off a pier somewhere…

    Game nights are the shit.

    (You’re a Cowboys fan? WHY???!?!?!?)

    And Comedy shows are good too.

    Have you thought of spoken word cafe’s? Those are nice.

    • hisandhersinks December 22, 2010 at 6:50 pm #

      lol, Hey Emdottie.I had found your site on VSB and loved it but wasnt able to find it afterward so, I am glad you visited my blog. Thank you! Yes, you are probably right about the fishing. Prob more appropriate for a date further into the relationship. And please don’t tell me I have another Cowboys hater on my hands!? Stop the hate! The Cowboys are a part of my life. W/o them there is no such thing as football in my opinion, 🙂 And, you know I almost added spoken word cafes to the list but got lazy. I love going to Nuyorican here in NYC though.

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