Window Gifting: Gifts for My Future Boyfried

24 Dec

So you’ve heard of window shopping, right-lurking and obsessing over something you want in the store or online until you are ready to purchase or steal it (j/k)? Sometimes you hold out thinking you can find a better deal or just aren’t sure that you should spend your Trader Joe’s grocery bill money on a pair of “Too On Sale” L.A.M.B. pumps, for example. You parade around the store or site with optimism or anxiety that once you purchase (_________), life will be more fulfilling and all of your ruminating will be validated for better or worse. Well, this post isn’t exactly about that but, context is important.

In the past few days of my last minute holiday shopping I have run across some cool gifts that would be ideal for a man. On a trip to Best Buy this week I came across some stuff that I didn’t even know existed like an alarm clock with Facebook! FUN! Then there were all these cool E-Readers, cameras, and DVD series on sale. Some of the offers were just good to pass up.  I just wanted an excuse to buy anything electronic that wasn’t for me or my little sisters’ Wii game system for once! I then thought, “Remember that fun time you had a boyfriend to buy gifts for?” “Yeah, that was fun!”

What I love most about Christmas truly is the gift-giving so it’s typical of me to be thinking who I could find a reason to buy a gift for. Now, I am sure the idea of buying gifts for a man in my life only seems romantic because I don’t have one right now to buy for. I can’t say that I fully enjoy the self-inflicted pressure I put on myself when selecting and purchasing gifts for others but, it would still be fun to have a man to buy for, for a change. It’s a world of gifting I haven’t been exposed to in a while and every time I go in Zara or H&M I always look at the clothes for men just to see what’s available and to subconsciously remind myself of what shopping for a boyfriend is like I guess.

So, I am window gifting this year! Lurking and obsessing over things that I would like to buy an imaginary a boyfriend for Christmas this year if he were present. I’m storing the images of shiny new gadgets, sensual colognes, and fly menswear in my mental rolodex of gifts and preserving my favorite gift-giving ideas for the next deserving man who walks into my life. Since he doesn’t exist this year, I figure it’s good practice and food for thought for when that time actually comes back around. Make sense? Ok! So, here are the things I am window gifting for my somewhere-out-there-boyfriend this year. I usually date very manly, men’s men so this list is reflective of that type. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas for the men in your life too, either now or for upcoming special occasions.

I am so amused by this thing. It syncs with your wireless network and provides updated Facebook feeds, Pandora, Netflix, news, sports scores and it's an alarm clock. Only $150



Assuming he is a MAC lover, I thought this would be a cool gift! A remote control that allows you to control your Ipod, Mac, and Iphone without having to get off the couch. $20


I love Under Armour and men who look good in it so workout gear it is. UnderArmour ColdGear $54.99


Personalized Leather travel case. So fresh and so clean clean! $50


Suits are not my favorite look for a man but every man needs and looks good in one. Nothing too fancy but, something clean. This one is JoS. A. Bank $350


For me, D&G The One cologne on men is lustful and inviting. The scent for women is my absolute favorite too. The way I'd want my man to smell..umph! $73


Deluxe Mini Fridge-Warmer- Cute and convenient! What guy doesn't want an extra fridge hanging around? $90

Well, this is all I can think of for now. The gifts would definitely depend on the guy I’m with. I’d also probably throw in his favorite old school albums and movies along with a nice wallet and sports watch. So many options! What do you think? What is your boyfriend, fiance, or husband getting this year? Do you find it hard to pick gifts for men? Do you think women make it more complicated than necessary when trying to choose a gift for guys? Fellas, what are you expecting for Christmas? Merry Christmas and happy gifting everyone!


2 Responses to “Window Gifting: Gifts for My Future Boyfried”

  1. Mother-of-3-Monsters December 25, 2010 at 12:32 am #

    Im loving the alarm clock, Im sooo not into anyhting electronic, never have been but that thing is Awesome. I guess you buy according to what he is in too, but you can never fail with cologne, clothes,shoes!!!!!

  2. Heather December 27, 2010 at 12:06 am #

    I don’t know if I want Facebook waking my man up I’d like to do it myself haha. I like the personalized leather case, it has a nice thoughtful touch to it while being practical.

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