Guest Post from a Real Housewife: Reasons I’m Jealous of Single Women

12 Jan

In response to my Reasons I’m Jealous of Married Women post, I thought it would be a great idea to let the married women speak their piece about their perspectives on the appeal of married life since they know it so well. A lot of married women replied to that post and it was very enlightening. There were definitely some instances I overlooked and notions of my own that I didn’t critique so well but, that is the reason I created Hisandhersinks: to enrich my journey! So, without further ado, I introduce you to a good friend of mine, Mrs. Kimberly Gimble. She is a funny, savvy, and committed stay at home mother of 3 and Army wife who has had to make many sacrifices for family. Take it away, Kim.

As a stay at home military wife I have a few reasons to be jealous of single women especially ones without kids! Though I’m happy with my lifestyle now, I certainly miss the perks of my childless, unmarried life. I’m sure single women think about what their married life will look like but truth is it’s probably not so much different from what you think than it is drastically different from your life right now. It’s the price you’ll pay for love and marriage. Some of the disadvantages may seem obvious but here’s my take. **Cue music**….”Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage. This, I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other!”

Free Time is NOT Me Time. Let’s be frank and honest, I can only dream of painting a town red to the wee hours of the morning without looking at my watch thinking I’ve got to get home. Big Daddy is waiting on me! Single life is freedom at its finest so to all the single ladies please take full advantage of your lifestyle because it will come to an end after you say I do! Not a complete end but, an end of sorts.

Identity & Role Change. Yea, sometimes you feel as if you lose your identity because you can get so wrapped up in pleasing the other person and not yourself. The husband, kids, and family members consume you! Seems at times I’ve traded my best cocktail dress in for an apron, Paula Dean pots and pans, and bamboo cutting boards! Instead of going to happy hour, I’m going home to make sure my hubby and kids are feed. Instead of hotel parties and going on a random girl’s mini weekend rendezvous, I’m buying Tupperware, tea-light party candles, and His/Her KY Jelly! Let me tell you though Paula Dean cookware is the best! Ya feel like a chef afterward but, sometimes I just dream about getting up from a long nap, taking an hour-long shower (because I wouldn’t have to share a bathroom), sitting in front of the mirror and trying on 10 dresses until I find the perfect one without hearing from the living room, “Hurry up!” “Does it take that long to get ready?”  or “Are we ready yet for the 10th time!” Such is my life.

Money. Cha-ching, bling-bling! Single ladies spend it while you got it all to yourself because when you get married, you might be second guessing that designer bag and adding it to a Wish List of things you want for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or even Easter! I remember long ago going to the store, picking up something nice, and saying “Oooh, I like!” and buying it on the spot! Now? Not so much! Also, when it comes to big purchases you’ve got to consult with a husband and he may not be so happy about your happy hour spending when you’re trying to save for a house or pay off “shared” debt. At times it’s like “Damn, man! I just got to have these peep toes!” But I am reminded that I have a husband and 3 children which means an electricity, water, and grocery bill for 5. I can only dream of those shoes and add them to my Wish List. Single women you are on your own with no double anything so you better stock up on all the things you adore so much because when you get married they will become less attainable than before. Not to mention once you get married and have children, those things will probably sit on the shelves of your closet until a holiday anyway especially if you are a stay at home mother.  

Body Image. Well as I see young women like me (a beautiful 27 of course) with no kids I think, WOW! She has a nice little body going on there. Yes, I’m a proud mother of the three funniest, sweetest, cutest children on the planet but those 3 little humans sucked the life out my bosom. Oh yay!! Now I wear the same bra size as a 5th grader. Oh, the joys of reproduction! I can only speak for myself but, in general when you get married you get umm…. a little comfortable. Some do more than others but we do! Sometimes in our manic schedules consisting of feeding kids, cleaning house, and taking care of hubby we get sort of lost and pack on a pound or two. This is not an excuse but a reality! When I was single I made sure that the miracle bra was strapped and the Spanx were in place every night out on the town in a search for Mr. Right but, when I found him I knew that everything was in place!  🙂

Well ladies, single or married, whatever choices you make in life, good luck to you on the journey. I love my married life as a woman with 3 little monsters who I adore more than anything. Sometimes it’s just fun to sit back and think about the old times and have a good laugh or two. So with that being said, please enjoy single life to the fullest. Go out! Paint the town red! Go speed-dating! Buy whatever catches your eye and when you do it just say…”To hell with it!” “I won’t be single forever and I’ll only live once!” Let loose and have some fun!


One Response to “Guest Post from a Real Housewife: Reasons I’m Jealous of Single Women”

  1. Bouvia January 12, 2011 at 11:19 am #

    I know that’s right Kimberly! Well said & I agree 100%!

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