5 Romantic Things About Blue Valentine

23 Jan

Some of you may have already seen the movie Blue Valentine. I for one only just saw it this weekend. There was lots of buzz about this movie and for the most part the movie lived up to the hype. What I respect most about Blue Valentine was the realistic portrayal of relationships, falling in love, and the film’s probing inquisition about what love really is. I won’t spoil the brilliance of the movie but, I have to admit that even such a well made movie left me shockingly disappointed. I spent the remainder of my Saturday night trying to figure out why the movie ended in such a way, what the director was trying to accomplish in the end, and what was the damn point of all the love if…….again, I won’t spoil the movie for you nor will I criticize it because it accomplished one important thing; it made me want to fall in love. So, I want to celebrate the romantic themes and instances that made such a gritty and desperate movie so lovely. These themes serve as a reminder to myself that despite potential pain, risk, sacrifice, compromise, and rejection love is worthy. So, let the romance be told.

Dean made her a song. What’s more romantic than having a handsome man create words of love with an orginal melody compiled together to represent his deepest regard for you? Almost nothing! In my opinion music is synonymous with love and anytime the two are in collaboration romance is alive. I remember an ex-boyfriend creating a mix CD for me after an argument and it was the most touching gesture ever. I don’t remember what the argument was about and I am sure the cause was significant but, a well edited selection of love songs dedicated in my honor somehow sooethed the worries of my heart if only temporarily, it was romantic. Love is worth the pain.

He told his friends about her. The character Dean recalls his encounter with Cindy as love at first sight and the love struck angst and passion in his expression was so palpable. I think everyone who falls in love realizes they are in love when they first tell other people about the person. With much optimism and anonymous pride not knowing why exactly you feel the way you do but, still entirely aware of the signifcance. Acknowledging the significance of someone new in your life is where the romance starts as everything is new, interesting, and hopeful. This is one of the mysterious nuances of romance that I enjoy. Love is worth the risk.

They fought. Now, you might wonder how in the world fighting can be considered romantic. We’ve all been in fights with the one we love at some point and I think the disagreements are opportunities to grow in love. We are forced to remember why we love in the first place at a moment when it’s most necessary to do so. I believe that when we fight the passion for love is heightened for better or worse. I’m only speaking of the times where passion is heightened for the better and people in love come to a place where they remember why they chose love in the first place and are then able to gain the romantic resolutions and gestures that come with making up. We all know that the making up makes fighting so worth it. Flowers, trinkets, great sex, and all. Love is worth the compromise.

All of the PDA. One of the most memorable things about this movie is the intense and realistic love scenes. The characters in the movie were very young so that explains why gross PDA was so much a part of the depiction but I don’t think PDA is a thing that should get old. No matter how old people get I think showing affection is just human instinct and is almost always an indicator of a romantically healthy relationship. PDA however repulsive in our crude thoughts and cynical musings is freakin’ romantic. Makes me want to sing a John Legend song. Love is worth the risk of rejection.

They got married at the JOP. As a woman who dreams of the perfect and most glamorous wedding day, I still find it so romantic that people can be so in love that their ideals and dreams become irrelevant in the presence of love. Hmmm, but that’s not always a good idea in the long run and if you’ve seen the movie then you can relate how this seemingly romantic element is also disastrous. Perhaps this is why I’m taking this dating thing and this blog journey so seriously. But, if I think about getting married to someone I truly wish to share my life with, I think that getting married without the production can truly speak to the purest intentions of love and matrimony. Getting married at the courthouse is simply romantic. Love is worth the sacrifice.

Blue Valentine definitely isn’t your average love story but everyone can take something from its highs and lows. We should all remind ourselves of who we are as individuals in love, why we are choosing to love someone, and what our intentions are in love and relationships. This movie helped me begin to answer these questions for myself and also reminded me that while love isn’t perfect, it is still so worthy. #hopelessromantic


2 Responses to “5 Romantic Things About Blue Valentine”

  1. friend #1 January 24, 2011 at 12:32 am #

    Love the pic you selected!! I will also add the beauty of being in sync with your partner, on the same page, joining together through life’s craziness was one of the most romantic elements for me.

  2. Fri @ Wedding Nouveau February 21, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    haha, very well said. So refreshing to find an opinion on this movie that’s equal parts candid as it it non-biased. Thanks for sharing. Heightened love, passion, and the need to escape into the flaws of one’s counterpart. It’s the drama that fuels us all, n’est pas? Anyway, keep blogging.

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