“I’m Dating in That 21st Century, Doin’ Something Mean to It”: Dating Options & The NYC Quarterly

25 Jan

Anytime I can use a Kanye line to reference something, I will so don’t get too caught up in finding a link between the title and the following content. Last night one of my lovely girlfriends asked for my help in a dating challenge she gave herself. The goal? 4 dates before May 2011! *sings* “She’s so ambitious. She might meet two Sigmas. Hey, she’s on a mission, no matter what the conditions.” 

Yeah, what are the conditions? What are the conditions to dating and meeting someone these days? Well, someone as lovely as her will not have a problem meeting this objective but, surprisingly she asked for leads to nice eligible bachelors. I myself didn’t know of any that I thought would be compatible with her, but I politely encouraged her to attend the upcoming NYC Quarterly Flow Dating Event on February 13, 2011 (the same event my friends tried to sponsor me for). I thought it would be a way to make her dating experience easier and perhaps more successful. Before I go further, let me say that this post is not a prompt for the endless and oh-so-tired discussion about why women can’t find a date, why Black women are single, or an opportunity to lay down some ground-breaking revelation about what the “problem” really is with men, women, and dating. HisandHerSinks is about solutions and the future so I want to focus soley on progression unless of course someone really does have some ground-breaking revelation about what the “problem” is.This is about, #1-The modern day dating options and #2-The NYC Quarterly Event.  My friend felt a little slighted that this was all I had to offer her in pursuit of her goal, but I saw it simply another option. It’s not an option that I can say I have experienced, but one I shouldn’t rule out I guess. At the end of our conversation she said “I can’t believe that dating has come to this”. My response was that she did not have to limit her dating potential to these types of events alone, but use them as just another way, another opportunity to meet some fine men. Oftentimes, I hear people talk about online dating and speed dating as if it’s all taboo or shameful, but I’ve come to believe that well thought out quality dating is probably just as opportune if not better than random shot in the dark dating, blind dating, or “hook-me-up, girl” dating.  What do you have to lose? Some might say pride, however I’m wondering how much pride people have left after they hook up with another dating misfit or have no dates at all. I’m not one to judge as I am just re-entering the dating scene myself, yet I’m also not committed to the belief that formalized dating is a complete degradation as often implied. So, in short, the conditions are fair, I surmise. 

Now that you’re feeling up for it, here are a few reasons why I think you should attend the NYC Quarterly Flow Dating event hosted by Paul Carrick Brunson, The Modern Day Matchmaker. For starters, I attended his last NYC event which was only a panel discussion but the speakers and experts he brought together were extraordinary. I’m sure this event will live up to the same standard so if nothing else you will get to socialize with some interesting and fun people. For this particular event he will have some of NYC’s “Most Eligible” Bachelors and Bachelorettes in attendance. These individuals have all either been nominated or selected based on their character, readiness for a relationship, and success otherwise. Also, the event features “Flow Dating” which is a twist on speed dating whereby participants will meet with prospective dates over music, experience at least 10 dates, and there will be a mix & mingling session at the beginning and end of the event. It’s sure to be fabulous, fun, and full of fine men….and women for the fellas. My friend will surely meet her 4 dates goal at this event. As for me,…..maybe next time. I’m so not even ready for an event of this caliber! But, what do you think about formalized dating anyway? Anyone ever been speed dating and have an experience they wish to share? What are the real reasons people are reluctant to participate in formalized dating?

Here’s a video from the D.C. Quarterly last month. Looks like fun, right?


3 Responses to ““I’m Dating in That 21st Century, Doin’ Something Mean to It”: Dating Options & The NYC Quarterly”

  1. H.Mami January 31, 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    I’m not going since Paul Carrick Brunson is not one of the eligible bachelors!! Its four times a year so I think you should set a goal for challenging yourself to get to the next event if you are ready. I tell myself I don’t judge or have any issues with online dating it is such a piece of today’s culture… but still feel uncomfortable with the thought of jumping online for a date in the future should I feel the need. I have some friends who are challenging themselves to online dating and have felt empowered after some bad breakups because its like a business… you go on a date, if it isn’t for you, you send a formal email and say sorry we are better off as friends. If you click you keep hanging out. Yeah, you definitely need to be ready for that type of dating lol. As much as I wish it wasn’t, my heart and my head stayed tied up in the romantic dream of meeting the perfect man randomly and all my needs, hopes, and fantasies falling into place. Maybe we’ve all seen one too many fairy tales.

  2. preciouschika February 6, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    this is a very wonderful site, pls kindly line me up with a match tru my mail adrs. Am a young lady of 33yrs, leavin in nigeria, needs a guy of 39 to 45. Waiting 4 ur rply. Tanks


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