I’m Thinking About Writing a Blog Post

15 Mar

So yeah, I have been either too busy to write in the last couple weeks or just to mentally unprepared to do so. Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about some things.

I had a really great discussion with my friend Christina about commitment and my fear of it. She is married and of course had alot of insight to offer about me in the context of a relationship. I am coming to realize that getting myself completely together is probably the best thing I can do for myself in preparation for a true and meaningful relationship in the long run and even in the process of dating and selecting a mate.  It’s not just me being an insecure, stubborn, perfectionist. However, I am not sure what ready means and I feel that I need to know exactly what ready means for me. Of course there is never a perfect moment in time for anything but if I can come closest to where I wanna be before I start to get serious about even dating again, I really want to determine what that looks like! For starters I need to get over myself. My next post will be all about this in fact.

Other than that I came across this really profound quote about love yesterday. It’s from one of my favorite bloggers Cynthia from Addicted 2 Etsy. ”Love: It’s never completely easy but it shouldn’t be hard either.” Is that right?! This is a great guiding statement especially coming from a woman who is married. I’ve been thinking about what this means to me and how mysterious yet soothing this statement is.

I am still thinking about the idea of compromising my time and thinking of how I can be more carefree in that area. That will definitely be a challenge but I am up for it. So, there are lots of things on my mind and lots of tasks on my agenda so, for now I am just thinking. I will return shortly within the next week with a real post. Hope everyone is doing well.


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