Consistency is Key and I’m Locked In

6 Apr

Sorry again for anyone I leave disappointed in finding that my blog posts are inconsistent. I am still working to be consistent in this endeavor and plan to do a better job, really. Afterall, blogging once a week about my journey to HisandHerSinks is the least I can do for my romantic life.  I guess these spotty posts are the outcome of setting the bar low in the first place though. *shrugs* Anyway, my lack of consistency is a big, elusive problem. 

Consistency is something I lack and take for granted in general yet it is the key to success in almost every endeavor that I have clearly been challenged by in life such as maintaining my weight, fitness, healthy relationships, balanced finances, and at the moment, my dreams of entrepreneurship.  I am finding it hard to stay focussed on my plan to develop a real entrepreneurial plan of action. I am just all over the place which is typical and even parallel to my inconsistent motivation and readiness to date again.

For the past 2 years I have been wracking my brain (due to being “scared to fail, searching for perfection” as Jay-Z references in “On to the Next One” ya know? #IDigress) about how to get my business ideas off the ground. It has consumed me for some time and I think it is yet another reason I am not ready to take my dating life more seriously. I just need to get my ish together before I start dating again. I don’t need to be perfect, but I have to get a solid plan before I can focus on much else. Determining and defining readiness  is a common theme on my blog so I hope I’m not boring you yet, but seriously I need to affirm this aspect of my life so that I can focus my energy on love in a way that actually includes a man and not just the one named Dell who only helps me write about my shoulda-woulda-coulda of a  love life.

Right now I need to create more consistency. Consistency with my business goals=business accomplishments. Business accomplishments=peice of mind. Piece of mind=fulfillment. Fulfillment=Self-love. Self-love=Love for others. Love for others=Romance and intimacy (the masculine, dark ,and handsome kind). See where I’m going with this? I know I can get there but right now I am locked into to my rumination, my missed efforts, my worrying, my confusion, lack of focus, and mainly… pure inconsistency!!!  If I can get more rooted and consistent with my goals then I can move on. I’m not even requiring for myself that I am perfect or make a huge business accomplishment first. I just need to develop consistency so that I can ensure that success is on its way. I just need that level of clarity, confidence, and focus for myself before I can move out of my head and into a better space. Ya know? A more open and inviting space. A calm and patient space. A warm, stable, and safe space devoid of doubt and decorated with optimism. Right now this space I am in is cluttered as hell. I can’t invite anyone over into this mess! Unless maybe they could help me clean it all up?

 Anyone have a key or wanna let me out from their side? How do I get out of this place?


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