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Like It’s My Last

4 Aug

Today I saw something that inspired me so much that I had the audacity to write a blog post! Go me! Seeing as how I haven’t written anything in over a month I was so excited to finally have something to share. Today I was digging through Paul Carrick Brunson’s Facebook page after seeing some photos of an event he did in Chicago with Tamar Braxton and her husband. One post lead to another and I found the most special, sweetest, romanticest (yes, it’s a word), flyest, funnest, most gorgeous wedding video ever. Apparently, there’s a such thing as wedding video trailers that document weddings in a very cinematic way. Brilliant right?! Because I love, love,  weddings and discovering new ideas, you are about to see why this video and this couple made my day. Watch and fall in love…..

AMAZING right?! You can just feel the excitement and joy of this wedding and the couple’s relationship. Not to mention this couple is absolutely stunning. The video is so crisp, clean, and precise with lots of attention to detail. I love that the concept is so non-traditional and hip with Big Sean as the theme music, but it still preserves the humility and emotion of the wedding day. This is such a genius idea and I just hope that the company sticks around to produce a wedding trailer for my someday traditional Nigerian wedding. Ahhh, love……

Here is a little bit of information about the company Merge Studios Social from their website.

“Merge Social is a group of the most talented young and creative filmmakers in South Florida lead by Award Winning Creative Director, Julien Diaz. Merge Studios Social has innovated a new style of covering wedding and social events, applying many of the same techniques used in producing commercial work and documentary programming. Our documentary approach is paired with cinematic film elements stemming from our passion to create beautiful imagery. Our goal is to capture incredible cinematography and emotion using a modern style and look.”

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