30 B4 30

1 Nov

So I have about 11.5 months before the big 3-0. I am kinda excited. I feel that I have spent so much of my 20s lost in this world and I cannot wait for this ish to be over. Bad finances, poor decisions, self-loathing, rigid self constructs, confusing therapy sessions, family issues, lack of gratitude, lack of consciousness, poor self image, laziness, lack of discipline, unworthy men, lack of loyalty in friendships, bad friends….the list goes on. I have learned so much from my 20s and kicked ass in many ways but I cannot wait for the the next chapter where I plan to actually slow down and enjoy life and implement what I’ve learned. I am so grateful for my life and health but I know that there is SO much more to come that is going to blow my mind. In the meantime and in between time I want to come up with 30 things I’ve either always wanted to do or should do before 30. I did a lot in my 20s but a lot was left untouched. I don’t have it all figured out but I figure this will be a working living list before October 2013. Here is what’s on the agenda so far:

1. Pay off my credit card debt

2. Fall in love again

3. To visit a caribbean island or to get another passport stamp

4. Make amends with Steven S.

5. Start my business by having at least one business client

6. Go to Mardi Gras or Carnival

7. Visit Moiyattu in Ghana- ok this is getting unrealistic

8. Get another raise

9. Take spanish class at CC

10.Take swim lessions

11. Take a road trip

12. Bake my mom’s pound cake from scratch

13. Get a fun piercing

14. Teach/Host another dance class

15. Accept or change my body



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