Love Stories

25 Mar

Today as I was researching a business website (for my forthcoming brand design firm :-)), I caught an unexpected surprise on the blog of the site. It’s funny how you find inspiration for love in the most random places but I guess this is what happens when you stumble upon any work that is done with true passion and love. I was browsing through a site called., a marketing firm website I discovered through a wedding blog (imagine that). Here I was thinking the guy was just blogging about his business endeavors and inspirations for marketing then I read one of his recent posts titled, “Love Stories”…..

“Someone who was supposed to love you didn’t.  Someone else loved you but left (maybe your’re still recovering).  And perhaps, hopefully, there are others who loved you, stood by your side through all things and never let you fall.

Our life is a webbed series composed of love stories.

With each relationship we walk away with some tale of how love came (or didn’t) and how love stayed (or didn’t).   The stories we tell ourselves based on our experiences with love dictate our own love story.  They teach us to believe in love (or not), whether we deserve love (or not), as well as how to love others (or not).  Know your own love stories so that you can determine whether (or not) they are good the way they are or if some of them need to be rewritten.”

This is so simple, yet it’s everything. How many times have you told yourself your own love stories? Do you tell the stories with regret or sadness, internalizing the script? I do. Well I did. This post was a beautiful reminder to me to know my stories, to be mindful of the ones I tell myself over and over again, and to definitely keep rewriting them. I am so grateful for this piece of inspiration as a reminder that thoughts become things and if good love is my thought and intention, I have to have the best love story so that it will manifest in the way that I desire to give and deserve to have. I hope it inspires you.


One Response to “Love Stories”

  1. Detavio Samuels March 30, 2013 at 3:33 pm #

    Glad the post found you at the right time. Thanks for passing it on!

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